Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider calls for help through social media for the World United Live mass protest and asks rockstars to contribute. He also tagged Nikki Sixx and Alice Cooper on Twitter and wanted them not to be afraid to pick a side in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The immense effects of the recent war between Russia and Ukraine have caused so many lives and forcefully pushed people out of their country for safety. After Vladimir Putin attacked his neighbor country, Ukraine, many people were exposed to war conditions and needed help immediately.

The NATO countries are trying to persuade Putin out of Ukraine, but there hasn’t been much improvement. Now, the people have united to help out the citizens of Ukraine. Many celebrities and rock stars state their support on social media and even organize events to help out. Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider has been involved with the case since the beginning, and now he is calling for more help.

The artists do what they do best and plan performances and events to support the Ukrainians financially. Hence, Dee Snider recently campaigned for World United Live, which is intended to be a mass protest to raise the voices of those supporting Ukraine. However, the singer didn’t hear back from various artists, including Alice Cooper and Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx.

He recently tagged them in a tweet and asked them to pick a side in this heated environment. According to Snider, even though they generally don’t want to be involved in politics, this is an issue worth getting involved in because of a nuclear threat. A fan replied to that tweet and indicated that no one has to help solely because of their fame, to which Snider replied that he wants to use his influence to help others.

Here is what Snider tweeted:

“Nikki Sixx, Alice Cooper, and others have made it clear they won’t get involved in politics. My question is, if not now, when? The most dangerous madman in history has his finger on the nuclear button. And you don’t wanna take sides, really?”

To which a fan replied:

“It’s strange how we believe that because someone is famous, they have an obligation to help.”

And Snider answered:

“No obligation. For me, it’s just a need to use whatever influence (limited as it may be) I might have to help others if I can.”

You can see the tweets below.