Twisted Sister legend Dee Snider has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and claimed that famous rapper Jay-Z is a fan of AC/DC.

For a while, Dee was trying to a campaign for the rock band AC/DC to play in the half time show of Super Bowl. Dee managed to stun social media in a short period of time with this action, and he has been continuing the pressure for making this campaign happen for upcoming years.

Yesterday, Dee was explaining himself about why he wanted to play in that stage and one of his fans claimed that Jay-Z, who is the entertainment director of Super Bowl, is cutting the path of the bands.

After seeing this tweet, Dee didn’t agree with this idea and stated that Jay-Z is actually a big fan of AC/DC.

A fan named Steven Glansberg wrote:

“Well obviously, they’re a rock band. I’m not slighting Dee or Twisted Sister btw. I’m just simply saying they’re not near popular enough or enough of a draw to play the Super Bowl.”

Here is what Dee Snider said earlier:

“WHY THE EFF IS THIS STILL COMING UP?! I have never suggested that my band is big enough or should play the Super Bowl. I am just a fan raising holy hell for the music I love to give a chance on the greatest stage in the world, halftime @nfl@superbowl!”

Another fan named Izzy replied:

“The fact the Jay Z is the entertainment director screws rock n roll for all future Super Bowls”

Dee Snider wrote:

“Don’t say that! I don’t believe it! Rap & Hip Hop creative lives have often depended on sampling hard rock bands! @acdc has been sampled by huge artists! That means they listen to AC/DC!! I know Jay-Z is a fan! @NFL @nflcommish @RocNation @RocNationSports”

You can check his tweets below.