dee snider, twisted sister

Yesterday, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider had a Twitter argument with Hard Rock Cafe’s official Twitter account, and criticized their editorial policies.

You can click here to read the article and see the details.

After that conversation, Dee Snider clarifies his tweets and revealed why he chimed in to that argument.

A fan named DubsInTheTubs said:

“To add to this, I feel using rock to describe artists outside the genre of rock is disrespectful to both rock music and those artists. How would it feel to call a country artist a pop star? I’m sure plenty of country and pop musicians would be unhappy with that label being given.”

Here is Dee’s answer:

Yes! Or call a rap artist country?! It makes zero sense. Yet people have no problem taking the term rock or hard rock and applying it (along with the metal horns) to EVERY other type of music?!”

A fan named Ashley Washbur wrote:

“Whether anyone thinks @HardRock sux or not, whether we agree with what they do or not, aren’t they part of this free world and can basically do whatever they want; it is still a free country at least…right? No Putin/Trump takeover yet!

Dee answered:

Absolutely. And I can do what I want and SCREAM HOW MUCH I HATE IT FROM THE MOUNTAON TOPS. That’s my right. 🙂

Johnny Sierra said that:

“I am on the side of @deesnider. If someone goes into a Cafe called the rap and hip hop Cafe, I am positive that they would be disappointed to hear Twisted Sister or Mötley Crüe while there. It’s called The Hard Rock Cafe for crying out loud. Change the name.”
Dee Snider:
“And well they should be! What do you expect to hear at a country honky tonk? What do you expect to hear at a disco/dance club? What do you expect to hear at a rave? What do you expect to hear at a jazz club? What do you expect to hear at the Hard Rock… GOTCHA @HardRock!”

You can see his tweets below: