Twisted Sister vocalist Dee Snider clarified his thoughts and opinion about iconic rock band KISS by replying to a question he got from a fan on Twitter and proved that he not the hater of KISS.

Since the foundation of the band, KISS has been using the same makeups for each member, and it hasn’t changed since then. Even though they’ve added new members into the band.

Recently, Dee made a bold and controversial statement by saying he is not a fan of the fact that replacement members are still using the same and old Ace and Peter makeups for the shows.

Today, Dee cleared the air about the controversy and stated as a fan of KISS that he doesn’t have any problems with any of the band members, his only issue with the band is just using the Ace and Peter characters on every replacement members.

A fan named Rolf asked:

“Seriously, Dee, how much acknowledgment do you think Tommy deserves when it comes to KISS legacy?”

Dee Snider responded:

“As a KISS fan, I loved Eric Carr’s ‘Fox’ and Vinny Vincent’s ‘Ank’ character. I have/had no problem with Bruce Kulick or Eric Singer or Mark St. John as members.

My only issue is the using of the Ace and Peter characters. One fan’s opinion.”

You can read the tweets below.