Twisted Sister’s talented frontman Dee Snider recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and commented on a photo which was taken on the night Dee met the love of his life, his wife Suzette.

As you may know, Dee Snider often uses his social media accounts to announce his latest projects, comment on the unending popularity of Twisted Sister, share sneak peeks from his personal life, and comment on political and social issues.

However, this time, Dee Snider reposted a photo that was shared by one of his fans on Twitter and revealed that it was taken on the night he met his wife, Suzette. The photo was taken back in the mid-’70s at a small gig and Dee’s outfit really surprised his fans.

Aside from a famous metal-head, Snider is also known for his loyalty and love for his wife. For those of you who don’t know, Suzette and Dee met in 1976 when Suzette was 15 and Dee was 21 and they soon started dating. A year later Suzette moved in with Dee and the couple got married in 1981. They have three sons, one daughter, and quite a happy life.

Suzette Snider was actually a part of the band as she worked with Twisted Sister, especially in their peaking years. She designed their costumes, did their make-up and hair and she even came up with the band’s logo. The story of how they met is definitely a cute one.

When Suzette was 15, she went to a club with her cousin’s ID, thinking that she was going to listen to a girl-band. However, she was surprised to see a guy with long hair singing on the stage. Dee, on the other hand, fell in love with her the minute he saw Suzette and told her that he’s going to be famous one day, and the couple has been together ever since.

In his recent tweet, Dee Snider retweeted a photo from that night, the night he met his beautiful life partner. He commented that after seeing the photo, he could completely understand why Suzette didn’t want to date him initially.

The funniest part is probably Dee’s t-shirt which reads; ‘I’m Dee Blow Me.’ Even though this may have made Suzette chuckle, it was definitely not the first thing that she liked about Dee. However, it seems like he pulled that outlook off as Suzette eventually said yes.

Here’s what Dee Snider said in his tweet:

“The night I met Suzette. No wonder she wanted nothing to do with me!”

You can check out the tweet that Dee Snider posted on his Twitter account.