Twisted Sister frontman and vocalist Dee Snider responded to one of his followers’ questions to unveil an untold story of how he was offered to join Black Sabbath after parting ways with his own band.

Dee Snider was ranked No. 83 in Hit Parader’s Top 100 Metal Vocalists Of All-Time. In the early days of his career, he joined Twisted Sister at the age of 21 and became the main lyricist of the band. After working with the band for seven years, he announced that he quit in 1987.

A year after Twisted Sister disbanded, Dee Snider formed a new band named Desperado but they had to separate after some issues they had with a record label. Following that, Dee formed yet another band named Widowmaker and recorded two studio albums but then Snider moved on to a couple of other projects.

Today, one of his followers asked whether he had any offers to join other bands when he parted ways with Twisted Sister, or if he already knew that he wanted to do his own thing. Dee admitted that he got an offer from Ronnie James Dio to sing with Sabbath but he couldn’t do it somehow. However, he did not explain what was his main reason for rejecting Dio.

A fan asked the following question:

“I’ve always wondered, after Twisted Sister Split, did you have any offers to join other bands, already established a new, or did you know you wanted to do your own thing?”

Dee Snider responded to the question of the fan saying:

“Only once. Black Sabbath – in one of their post – Dio before Ozzy incarnations asked me to sing. I was honored but couldn’t do it.”

Check out the tweet of Dee below.