Twisted Sister‘s iconic frontman Dee Snider posted his photo on Instagram taken right after he voted for the presidential election, however, shocked fans with a Donald Trump reference on his post since he used to stand against his politics.

Twisted Sister lead singer Dee Snider has been an active user of social media platforms which he often takes to share his personal opinions on various social and political subjects. Although some of his fans suggested him to focus on his music and stay away from politics, Snider has never hesitated to express his opinions about the wrongdoings of the politicians.

As you may recall, Dee Snider has been criticizing the statements and political actions of the current president Donald Trump from time to time on his social media accounts. Previously, Dee claimed Trump was not a patriot at all, but an anti-American. He asserted that called the President was the ‘king of bullies‘ and he had to go.

Here’s what Dee Snider wrote about Trump in an earlier statement:

“This guy is not a patriot, he’s a commie-sympathizer, he’s anti-American. He’s got his head buried so far up Putin’s butt, so far up North Korea’s ass, China.

These three countries have not changed their stripes, and our president kisses the asses of all three of them. That is not a patriot, that is a commie-sympathizer. This guy has got to go.”

However, Snider’s recent posts related to the candidate he voted for created confusion among his fans. Initially, Dee shared a selfie he took right after he voted for one of the most significant elections in the United States’ history. On the caption of his post, Snider added a similar catchphrase that Trump used in his presidential campaign with a small alteration. He wrote ‘Make America America Again,’ instead of ‘Make America Great Again.’

Here’s what Dee Snider stated on the caption of his selfie:

“Now it’s your turn…

In the comment section of Dee’s photo, the fans discussed the meaning of his reference to Donald Trump. While some of them claimed that Dee decided to vote for Trump, the other suggested he was simply making fun of Trump-supporters and definitely voted for Joe Biden.

Furthermore, while the fans were confused about Dee’s post, the iconic musician shared a tweet urging his fans not to waste their votes and just choose the less evil one among the two candidates by stating:

“Pick who you think is the lesser of two evils and vote! Don’t throw it away.”

You can see the photo Dee Snider posted on his Instagram account below.

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