Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider responded to a question that he got from a fan on Twitter and revealed really exciting information about AC/DC and their future plans.

On his official Twitter account, Dee said that he had dinner with Brian Johnson a month ago, and he confirmed that the legendary singer, Brian, returned to AC/DC for recording a new studio album.

A fan named Sean said:

“Dee. AC/DC hasn’t even announced they are back w Brian”

Another fan named Amber said:

“I believe Brian said he is back with the band. I think they are also doing a new album. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.”

Dee responded:

“Having had dinner with Brian a month ago. I can confirm that you are correct.”

If you look back in February 2019, Dee had another conversation with a fan and said that Brian Johnson is working on a new studio album with AC/DC at that time. Here’s what he said:

“I know Brian. He is ready to sing and is singing on the new AC/DC album coming out this year!”

Check out the tweets below.