The iconic frontman of Twisted Sister and considered as one of the most American singer-songwriters of all time, Dee Snider, had a new Twitter conversation today and took fans’ attention to the metal fans in the Middle-East.

A fan of Dee Snider and who defines himself as a person who loves music of all kinds, Dave Nunn, has shared a new tweet mentioning Dee Snider and informed him about how the Iranian metal band has been jailed for 15 years for just playing metal.

Dee Snider has responded to the tweet and advised his followers to read a book named ‘Heavy Metal Islam: Rock, Resistance, and the Struggle for the Soul of Islam’ by Mark LeVine and paid his respect to those who are oppressed in these countries.

Here is what Dave Nunn wrote mentioning Dee Snider:

“Members of an Iranian metal band #Arsames have been jailed for 15 years. The reason playing metal. This can’t be right.🙈

Dee Snider, have you seen this?”

Twisted Sister’s legendary musician has seen the tweet and responded:

“There’s an amazing book called “Heavy Metal Islam” that not only shows how metal unifies the Middle East, but how oppressed metal fans are there!

They literally are fighting to listen and play the music they love!”

You can check out these tweets right below.