Twisted Sister’s frontman Dee Snider posted a series of tweets on Twitter after having a heated argument with Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach, and responded to the allegations about their tumultuous relationship over the course of their careers.

As you may remember, Dee Snider recently made it to the headlines with his bold claims considering the derogatory terms such as ‘hair metal‘ being used by critics to make fun of metal bands. Sebastian Bach had also joined the conversation and even though it seemed like the two stars agreed in the beginning, at some point things went south.

Hair or glam metal is used when referring to bands that have adopted the fashion and image of 1970s glam-rock, and their music has been influenced by rock. The term was coined in the late ’90s and has been used ever since when talking about legendary bands such as Skid Row, Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, Pantera, and many more.

Dee Snider, who never like the term hair metal, had posted an article that listed ten hair bands that are actually metal as hell. Sebastian had agreed with Dee and had said that the term ‘hair metal’ cannot be used for bands such as Skid Row and Twisted Sister as it didn’t exist until the late ’90s.

However, Sebastian Bach’s views were different from Snider’s when it came to the argument that metal is a derogatory term too. A fan told Snider that media often feels the need to categorize and put a label on music as a means of criticizing them. Dee agreed and said that ‘Punk, Grunge, Metal, Hair are all derogatory terms’ which is something that Bach didn’t agree with.

Here’s what Dee Snider stated in his tweet:

“100%!! Punk, Grunge, Metal, Hair – all derogatory terms were given to describe music forms by critics as a put-down. And the bands hated them. The bands inspired by those bands embraced the labels.”

Sebastian Bach disagreed and said:

“Metal is not a derogatory term, hair is a term that never existed. Would you please stop so we can maybe play festivals in the USA instead of state fairs?”

However, Dee Snider continued posting tweets considering the derogatory undertone of titles such as metal, grunge, and punk which raised a lot of reactions, some of them being from Sebastian Bach. He said that what Snider says doesn’t make sense stating that if metal was a derogatory term there wouldn’t be a band named Metallica and asked him to stop tweeting about this.

Here’s what Sebastian Bach said:

“If the word metal is a derogatory term there would not be a band called Metallica and you would not have an album called for the love of metal please stop with the non-stop hair tweets we are begging of you.”

To which Snider responded:

“You are wrong, Sebastian. But it is understandable, you are much younger than me and don’t know (No attack my friend, just a fact). And it’s just a conversation. People need to be edified.”

It seems like a metal fan could not stand this dispute anymore and he was tired of seeing their favorite rockstars fight during an already challenging year. Thus, they asked Dee and Sebastian to stop fighting to which both rockstars responded in a positive and even slightly emotional way.

Dee Snider said that he loves Sebastian Bach not only because of his music but also, for supporting him during the darkest years of his career when others fled because it was not ‘cool.’ Sebastian Bach also said that he loves Dee Snider and his music and that even though Snider sees himself as ‘hair metal’, Bach puts him on a much higher level as he’s one of the best frontmen of all time.

Here’s what Dee Snider said to end the alleged fight between him and Bach:

“I love Sebastian Bach! During the darkest period of my career, he stood tall as a Dee Snider fan when few would. I will always be grateful to him for not caring what was ‘cool’ at the moment and speaking out proudly for the things he loved. Thank you SMF #2!”

While Sebastian Bach said:

“I love Dee Snider. I will always love the music he has made. No matter how much Dee sees himself as ‘hair metal,’ I will always see him on a much higher level than that implies. He is one of the greatest frontmen & vocalists of all time. Any corny label less than that is an insult.”

To which Snider replied:

“I don’t see myself as hair metal. Like being called a Sick Mutha Fucker I’ve decided to embrace the title rather than fight it. But I don’t like it.”

You can check out all the tweets below.