Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider made an appearance on Bravewords Podcast and revealed that he hated Bob Dylan who was seen as the messiah, however, a documentary helped him to change his mind.

Along with his music projects with Desperado and Widowmaker, Dee Snider is best known as the singer-songwriter of the iconic heavy metal band Twisted Sister. As one of the most powerful voices of heavy metal, Dee Snider embarked on solo projects following the TS’s disbandment in 1987. Recently, the musician released his fifth solo effort titled ‘Leave A Scar.’

As you may know, Dee Snider often enjoys sharing his opinions on the music industry and the musicians. During interviews, he also shares key moments from his career, such as becoming one of Queen’s first fans. Recently, the musician made a statement about Bob Dylan during a podcast by Bravewords.

During his appearance, Snider talked about his love for documentaries while mentioning Bob Dylan. He said he watched a couple of documentaries about the singer and revealed that he does not like the people who call Dylan the messiah. The musician then added that Dylan never said that as he was just a musician making records.

Dee Snider told Bravewords that:

“Documentaries, I love documentaries, I’ve learned so much. I hated Bob Dylan, but I’ve watched a couple on him just out of curiosity, and now I understand what was going on.

It’s not about Bob Dylan here, but he kind of was… People said, ‘He’s this messiah!’ He never said he was a messiah, he was just a musician, just making records, and everybody put him on this pedestal, and he kind of fought it.”

You can check out the rest of the interview below.