Dee Snider revealed why the reunion idea with Twisted Sister isn’t captivating for him during a recent appearance on The Metal Circus TV.

Twisted Sister was one of the greatest heavy metal & rock bands in the United States, and they started in 1972 and had a tumultuous career. Eventually, the band decided to retire back in 2016, one year after the drummer A. J. Pero’s passing.

In the conversation, Dee pointed out that he loves to spend time with the band members and said they are still his brothers and friends. As Dee said, they talk to each other all the time.

Unfortunately, Dee hasn’t been interested in reuniting with Twisted Sister and playing on the stage again. The 66-year-old singer mentioned that he misses the times they had when they were playing in their prime time.

However, Dee believes that Twisted Sister’s performance had started deteriorating before retiring because they refused to wear makeup and costumes for the shows. This is why he doesn’t want Twisted Sister to reunite again. According to Dee, it is pretty good that they stopped playing on the stage.

Dee Snider on Twisted Sister’s reunion:

“I miss Twisted Sister my friends, my brothers – Mark, Jay Jay, Eddie, I miss them. We talk all the time, we’re good friends and we always talk to each other.

It was Mark Mendoza’s birthday and we all were on his podcast, and we all joined to wish him a happy birthday. And I missed Twisted Sister in its prime, I miss it when we were younger and insane.

I think that we stayed long enough and it was time for the band to retire in 2016. So I don’t see going back to that because I don’t think…

I don’t think it was really true to what Twisted Sister was by the end, we’d stop wearing the makeup, stop wearing the costumes… It was a crazy show in the ’80s, it was crazy.

In the 2000s, people started to get slower and it wasn’t as crazy. So people loved it, I know Rockfest loved it, but I think it’s good that we stopped.”

You can check out the conversation below.