Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider took to his official Twitter account to respond to the questions he got from the fans and explained why he is talking with everybody, even if some of them are the haters of him.

One of the haters named Roger wondered what Dee thinks about the Donald Trump supporters jamming around with his music and claimed that he should be so proud. Dee replied to this post by saying that he is not supporting Trump due to lots of reasons.

Another hater named Jack replied to the tweet of Dee and criticized pretty harshly. Later on, Dee slammed this person by writing that he doesn’t even have any followers to tell him what to do.

After all these conversations, a fan of Dee wondered why he is replying to all these haters. Dee clarified that he is having so much fun while replying to all of his haters and that’s why he is responding to these people even though they are really toxic.

A Twitter user named Roger asked:

“D Snyder… what are you think about all those Trump supporters parade in around jamming to your music!

You gotta be proud of your fellow New Yorkers… Supporting Trump! And yeah we’re not gonna take it…”

Dee Snider replied:

“Nope. Not proud of anyone turning a blind I to that commie loving, race-baiting, hate monger, draft-dodging, Ritchie Rich, failure of a president. And my name is Dee Snider!”

Another user Tim wrote:

“Another has-been in a wig, stick to shity music…”

Dee Snider responded:

“Tim, are you and your 23 followers telling me to know my place? Well… F*ck you! You are such a dick.”

A fan of Dee wondered:

“Not even sure why you give them time of day. Haters gonna hate. Probably Justine Bieber fan.”

Dee Snider said:

“Because I’m having a good time!”

You can read the conversation below.