Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider replied to the question he got from a fan on Twitter and claimed people listening to metal music are happier than those listen to other types of music that are considered as ‘normal.’

The iconic lead singer of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider often uses his social media accounts to interact with his fans and respond to their questions about his music career and personal life.

Recently on Twitter, Snider received a question from a fan asking what he thinks about the negative stigma that heavy metal music has. His fan even claimed that he was told he couldn’t be a Christian because he enjoyed listening to heavy metal music.

In his response to the fan’s question, Dee Snider stated that people feel threatened by the intensity of metal music, however, he added this is the reason why it is so cathartic for metal music lovers.

Furthermore, Dee mentioned that since metal music helps to release negativity, stress, and anger, people listening to this type of music tend to be happier. While Snider was pointing out the important matter of listening to metal music, he also felt sorry for the listeners of other normal music because they don’t have the chance to express their emotions and relax.

Here’s what one of Snider’s fans asked:

“Dee, why do you think heavy metal has such a negative stigma? I was once told I can’t be a Christian because I love metal.”

Here is how Dee Snider replied:

“People are threatened by its intensity… But that’s what makes it so cathartic for the listener.

Releasing negative energy and emotion through metal music helps to make us happier people. It’s a shame that the fans of other normal music don’t have that release.”

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