The frontman of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider has reacted against a fan who advocated that coronavirus might be a hoax and wanted to make a tough deal with him.

A Twitter user replied one of Snider’s tweet, in which Dee criticized people who don’t wear masks and said that he stands up for what’s right for him. The user whose name is Kurtz said in his tweet that there are two sides to every argument and even experts can’t agree on what is right to do about coronavirus.

Snider got steamed up about the comment of the fan and gave two options to him to make a fair deal. Dee Snider said that if the fan is right and there is no reason to wear a mask, he will take a video to apologize to him. But, if the Twitter user is wrong and Snider gets the virus by not wearing mask, he will come to the fan’s house to french kiss him.

Here is what the fan, whose name is Kurtz, said and started the dispute:

“Stand up for what’s right in your “opinion”? That’s what you meant. Two sides to every argument. So-called experts can’t even agree on what’s right. Too many unknowns. Don’t force your will on others just because you have a platform. That doesn’t make you “right”.”

Here is how Dee Snider replied:

“OK. If you are right and there is no virus or reason to wear a mask, I will video tape a personal apology to you. If you are wrong and I get sick with covid, I get to come to your fucking house and french kiss you. Deal? What’s your home address?”

You can see the tweets below.