In his recent Twitter posts, Dee Snider revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been both a personal hero and source of inspiration for Twisted Sister’s biggest selling album, ‘Stay Hungry.

As you might know, Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in the film ‘Stay Hungry,‘ which premiered on April 23, 1976. The film brought him a Golden Globe for Best Acting Debut in a Motion Picture. Although his part was small, Schwarzenegger made a breakthrough with ‘Stay Hungry.’

On the other hand, Twisted Sister released their album of the same name on May 10, 1984. The album includes some of the band’s well-known songs, ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It,’ and ‘I Wanna Rock.’ The album stood out with its highly energetic sound and moving spirit. In 2004, the band re-recorded the entire album and re-released them under ‘Still Hungry.’

Twisted Sister’s frontman, Dee Snider, has credited Arnold Schwarzenegger for his contribution to his career several times, and he recently shared a photo of them, taken on the night they had dinner. Snider wrote that the actor is one of his heroes and biggest inspirations.

Later on, Dee shared another photo with Schwarzenegger taken during his live performance at The Arnold Fitness Fest. The rocker said he was very honored to present Schwarzenegger that night and then revealed that the actor was the inspiration behind the band’s biggest album, ‘Stay Hungry.’

Dee Snider’s Twitter post read:

“Pretty incredible night last night. I had dinner with a personal hero and inspiration, Arnold Schwarzenegger! When the cameras came out, he said, ‘Let’s do The Predator pose!'”

In his next post, Snider wrote:

“Amazing moment last night at The Arnold Fitness Fest when I got to present ⁦Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man who inspired Twisted Sister’s⁩ biggest album, a plaque for more than 8 million albums sold worldwide!”

You can check out the tweets below.