The iconic frontman of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider has shared a new tweet on his verified Twitter account.

Dee Snider made a stunning statement due to Chris Jericho‘s bold statements about Metallica’s apperance on Super Bowl.

Here is what Chris said earlier:

“How about Metallica? How about KISS? How about AC/DC?’ Hello? How about SLIPKNOT? You want a spectacle? Obviously, they might be too heavy.

But Metallica needs to play the Super Bowl… There are stadium-level bands that have never been invited to play. I’m getting a little sick of it.”

Here’s what Dee said:

“FINALLY! Another voice in the community speaking out! CHRIS JERICHO: ‘METALLICA Needs To Play The SUPER BOWL.”

A fan named Wayward commented:

“We need a 1 hour halftime show tribute to all u amazing metal band legends. Just saying. Each band play their biggest hit… Yeah… I need that.”

Another fan named Pantless wrote this:

“I’d be happy with Guns N Roses too. Why not both of them, actually? If their bad blood from the 90’s is settled that is.”

You can see the Tweet and fans reactions below.

You can watch Dee’s latest interview with Lyndsey Parker below.