Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider named a masterpiece Motörhead record that is pretty unknown in the community by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account.

In the post, Dee exclaimed that ‘Another Perfect Day’ is a fantastic album. Then he went on to question whether he is the only one in the community and stated why he believes it’s so great.

‘Another Perfect Day’ is Motörhead’s sixth studio album, released back in June 1983. Also, it’s the only album that features Brian ‘Robbo’ Robertson as a guitarist. The album is 44 minutes long, and it consists of ten songs. In his tweets, Dee noted that Lemmy Kilmister was proud of the album even though it received mixed reviews due to being more musical than the others.

Moreover, the frontman stated that they released ‘You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll’ one month after ‘Another Perfect Day.’ As Dee said, they exchanged copies with Motörhead and blew each other’s minds.

In addition to that, Dee shared his opinion about Brian ‘Robbo’ Robertson in the album and said that he was crushing the guitar in the record, but he was a bit sloppy during the live shows.

Dee Snider shared his opinion on one of the most underrated records of Motörhead:

Fucking hell! Am I the only one who thinks Motörhead’s ‘Another Perfect Day’ is a G-damn masterpiece?

I know it’s a controversial Motörhead record (especially Robo’s shorts!) but Lemmy Kilmister was so proud of it. I remember Twisted Sister had just finished ‘You Can’t Stop RnR’ and Motörhead finished ‘Another Perfect Day.’ We exchanged advanced copies & blew each other’s minds!

I think Robo is crushing it on the record! Live… Well, a bit loose to say the least.”

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