Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider made an appearance on The Metal Circus TV and revealed the Queen album, which he thinks was a failure.

As you may know, Dee Snider is among the first fans of Queen. He heard the band first time when he came across Queen’s ‘Liar’ on the radio. Following that, the musician went on to listen to their whole album. According to Snider, from that point on, he became a big fan of the band.

At that time, Queen was opening for Mott The Hoople in New York. Moreover, they were not that much popular back then. Upon hearing about their concert, Snider immediately went to see them perform. When he recalled that day, the musician claimed he was the only one going crazy while watching them. He also said that he cheered them up to the extent that he drew the band’s attention.

It’s no wonder that speaking to The Metal Circus TV about his favorite albums, Snider, a die-hard Queen fan, mentioned a Queen album. He said that Queen’s second album ‘Queen II’ was one of his favorite albums of all time. The musician then recalled how he became a Queen fan and the incident in New York City at the Queen concert. Following that, he claimed that ‘Queen II’ was a failure and that’s why the band does not play anything from it.

Asked his favorite albums in the interview on The Metal Circus TV, Dee Snider said:

“Oh, I’m just throwing that one out – sorry, sorry, I forgot one of my favorite albums of all time – ‘Queen II,’ the second Queen album. I’m a day-one first album Queen fan.

When I went to see Queen open for Mott The Hoople in 1974 in New York City, I was the only one screaming for Queen. No one else, no one! And I was screaming so loud, in my platform shoes, and my big brown afro, I’m not famous, I’m just a crazy guy. My friends are begging, ‘Please, Dee, stop screaming like a girl! You’re so excited.’

And I was screaming so loud that Brian May even looked up to see what was going on because only one person was screaming – me! And he looks up, I see him squinting like, ‘Who is screaming?’ Because when you’re not having a good show and people aren’t liking you, it’s worse to have just one person like you.

But the second Queen album is the only album they don’t play anything from, they do not, it was a failure, they were really brokenhearted about it, they changed a lot when they went to ‘Sheer Heart Attack.’ ‘Queen II’ absolutely got to come with me.”

You can watch the full interview below.