Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider spoke in a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock and revealed how they tried to deal with the naysayers and haters in the earlier years of the band.

In the conversation, Dee stated that there was trepidation that nobody could explain this feeling, and he admitted that every other member could feel this uncomfortable emotion, even in the concerts in the United States.

Furthermore, Dee showed the simple New York attitude to deal with these kinds of people, which is swearing them into their faces. Moreover, Dee also revealed that he got arrested for swearing to people in Texas and made everybody surprised.

Here is what Dee Snider said:

“There was that trepidation. It was instilled in us through other people, that what we did wouldn’t translate. It was even in the United States.

Here we were, this New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tri-state, there’s a certain vibe – very much, very New York guys with a New York attitude, you know, ‘Suck my dick,’ which I got arrested for in Texas.

People would say, ‘Yeah, well, it’s not going to fly in the heartland.” It’s not going to fly in the Midwest.”

Dee Snider also talked about Twisted Sister:

“Twisted Sister was a metal band. Before it was labeled anything else, in ’81 and ’82 and ’83 when we were touring with Motorhead and Maiden and Saxon and Metallica, nobody was blinking.

Nobody was going, ‘What are these guys doing out here?’ It was metal. And that was just the way it was. Nobody even thought twice.

“The place was packed from the minute the doors opened. And they cheered as loud for Metallica as they had cheered for us. Nobody left when Metallica went off.”

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