The legendary frontman of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider has answered the question of his fan on Twitter by asking if that’s a rhetorical one and revealed the fact that he wants to have fronted the phenomenal rock band, AC/DC.

One of the most active Twitter users in the metal community and the iconic vocalist, Dee Snider, has been responding to his fans’ tweets and reacting to the updates from the music industry, as well as the political news, for some time now.

As you might remember, Snider has stated back in February 2020 that AC/DC is in the process of recording a new album and Brian Johnson returned to the band. Having close relations with the band members and praising their works, Dee has taken Twitter recently to hype his fans even more about AC/DC’s new project.

He explained that he cannot wait for their album and proved that he’s a big fan of them. After Snider remarked how excited he’s, a follower of him, whose name is Guy, asked if Dee would want to be the frontman of AC/DC ala Axl if asked.

Dee Snider has shown with his response that it is not even a matter of question and he would of course have fronted the band. He argued if that is a rhetorical question and most of his fans have agreed with him by commenting upon the issue.

Here’s what the fan of Snider, whose name is Guy, asked to him on Twitter:

“Dee would you have fronted AC/DC ala Axl if asked?”

Dee Snider responded as:

“Is that a rhetorical question?”

You can see the tweets below.