Today, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister had a new Twitter conversation with a user named Slim Jim and reacted to a hairdryer joke by saying that he never used a blow dryer.

A fan named Slim Jim wrote this first:

“Can we find a Secretary For Enery Efficiency & Hair Dryers? Best, SJP

@TheGnudz @thejennievee@jesseEODM @MarkyRamone”

Alan Hunter responded to tweet while mentioning Dee Snider:


Here is the response of Dee:

“You know B in the D (back in the day) I was the top seller of hairdryers at the department store I use to work at.

People took one look at my mane and assumed that I had to know. Truth was I never used a blow dryer…I used my landscaping buddy’s backpack blower! #TrueStory”

Check out the tweets below.