Twisted Sister icon Dee Snider responded to Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx‘s statements regarding his hesitation to talk about politics and urged him to pick a side.

As you might know, the legendary vocalist Dee Snider has been using his social media accounts to express his personal opinions on various social and political subjects. Snider often shows his reaction against the actions of current President Donald Trump whom he previously referred to as a commie-sympathizer and anti-American.

Although a part of the society believes the musicians and celebrities should stay away from politics, many of them, such as Dee Snider, do not hesitate to express their opinions about the wrongdoings of the politicians.

Recently, Mötley Crüe icon Nikki Sixx joined an interview with Yahoo! and talked about why he was reluctant to publicly share his political opinions. During the interview, Nikki stated that he was actually expressing his personal thoughts on political leaders, particularly Trump, however, the fans were expecting him to keep his opinions to himself and only focus on his music.

Here’s why Nikki Sixx might have been reluctant to share his political point of view:

“We could do a whole interview where I would tell you my opinion on this administration, and other administrations, but I’m not a politician, I’m a rock star, and people don’t want me to talk about stuff like that. They tell me to ‘stay in my lane‘ and just stick to playing bass. I don’t really want to just stick to playing bass, but I don’t want to alienate and have a mudslinging contest.”

On Twitter, Dee Snider shared the interview Nikki had and commented on his statements. In his tweet, Snider stated that Nikki and all the other musicians had to ‘pick a side‘ and ‘take a stand‘ considering the ongoing political problems in the United States. Although some people might have disagreed with him, Dee Snider seemed to be encouraging the artists to speak up and use their platforms to raise the voice of those unheard.

Here’s how Dee Snider reacted to Nikki Sixx’s statement on politics:

It’s time to pick a side and take a stand! ‘Nikki Sixx Explains Why He Is Reluctant To Publicly Speak Out On Political Issues’

You can see the tweet Dee Snider posted on his official Twitter account below.