Twisted Sister icon Dee Snider recently shared a post to criticize people who have doubts about the war in Ukraine on his official Twitter account. The rocker named the striking truths about the current conflict to showcase the reality.

Russian government’s military intervention in Ukraine due to its relationships with NATO and the United Nations received a backlash from almost every country and politician. Also, they have been showing their backing for the Ukrainian people by reflecting their supportive comments about them.

In addition, most musicians joined this movement of targeting the Russian government to protect the rights of people in Ukraine suffering from President Putin’s decisions and actions. So, Yungblud, Green Day, AJR, Bring Me the Horizon, Slipknot, Iron Maiden, and many more released statements and canceled their concerts in Russia.

Dee Snider has also reflected his endless love and respect for Ukrainians nonstop and without hesitation. The musician recently launched a campaign with World United Live. They aimed to create a massive protest against this war by sharing their messages.

As a result, Snider can’t understand people who question this war’s validity despite all of these tragedies. The Twisted sister icon targeted them, saying that they chose to talk about who built the houses on fire in which the families that are perishing instead of saving those people.

Snider’s tweet read:

“I can’t believe some people are questioning the validity of the war in Ukraine. So, when a house is on fire and fathers, mothers and children are burning alive inside, do you ask ‘who built the house?’ or do you put out the damn fire and save the family?”

You can check out the tweet below.