Twisted Sister’s lead singer and songwriter, Dee Snider, posted a tweet on his Twitter account and reacted to the recently announced Super Bowl LV performer, as he was rooting for AC/DC for a long time now.

As you probably know, The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League, and while some watch the game because they enjoy football, others watch it for the amazing live performances of successful artists during the halftime show.

Dee Snider is not only a popular icon in the metal scene, but he is also a huge metal fan. It seems like Dee is also a big fan of The Super Bowl as he has been actively trying to get his favorite artists on the scene since 2019. In late September 2019, Dee Snider tweeted that AC/DC should be the headline of the halftime show as the go-to songs at every game of the Super Bowl are metal.

Even though his wish was not fulfilled, Dee Snider did not give up and started rooting for AC/DC to perform at the halftime of Super Bown LV. You might remember that at the beginning of February 2020, Dee Snider shared a petition on his Twitter account, supporting that AC/DC should be the next metal band at The Super Bowl.

The petition argues that it has been a while since rock and metal bands have headlined, as rockers such as Lenny Kravitz and Red Hot Chili Peppers have only been invited as guests. Dee Snider has been following the news considering the artists headlining at the Super Bowl LV, hoping that one of them will be AC/DC.

After receiving the news that The Weeknd will be the halftime performer for Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay, Dee Snider could not bottle his feelings away anymore. He retweeted the news and reacted by saying ‘Good Lord…’

It is obvious that what Dee Snider felt was anger and disappointment as once again it will not be AC/DC performing during halftime. Fans are curious to see whether Snider will continue advocating in favor of AC/DC performing during halftime in the Super Bowl LVI.

Here’s what Dee Snider said:

“Good Lord…”

You can see the tweet that Dee Snider posted on his Twitter account below: