Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider gave an interview to Louder Sound in which he remembered an embarrassing moment involving Mick Jagger. Following that, he revealed that he is still kicking himself out of embarrassment.

Dee Snider is a multi-talented artist who became a prominent figure of the metal scene as Twisted Sister’s lead singer and songwriter in the 1980s. Apart from his musicianship, he is also a radio personality who likes to share interesting things he experienced throughout his career with his fans. Recently, Snider recalled some of his encounters with famous personalities while speaking to Louder Sound.

In the interview, the Twisted Sister frontman recalled the time when they were recording a demo at Electric Lady. He said that the Rolling Stones were also there recording their 1978 album, ‘Some Girls.’ Snider remembers that their door opened while recording, and he saw Mick Jagger dancing in their room. According to the musician, it was an unforgettable moment.

Following that, Snider revealed that he got to meet Jagger around that time. He said that their producer Eddie Kramer introduced him to the Stones frontman. Following that, Snider recalled that he shook Jagger’s hand and told him he had seen him around. Jagger then smiled at him and walked away, and this seems to have embarrassed Snider quite much.

In the interview by Louder Sound, Dee Snider recalled the incident as:

“We recorded the earliest Twisted Sister demo with producer Eddie Kramer at Electric Lady. The Rolling Stones were recording ‘Some Girls’ in another studio. We were working on a track, and suddenly the door opened and Mick Jagger came flouncing in, doing his chicken-wing dance. He jumped around the room and exited out of the door. Again, it was a moment of immense surrealism. 

To this day I’m not even sure it actually happened. I finally got to meet Jagger properly in the studio’s communal area. Eddie introduced me to him: ‘Mick, I’d like you to meet Dee Snider from Twisted Sister.’ For some fucking reason I reached over to shake Jagger’s hand and said: ‘Hey, man, I’ve seen you around.’ He just smiled and walked away. I’m still kicking myself. ‘I’ve seen you around?!’ Jesus Christ almighty.”

Although this incident was a major embarrassment for Dee Snider, it remains unknown if the iconic Rolling Stones frontman still remembers this incident. Moreover, Snider is still unsure of the reason why he told Jagger such a thing.