Twisted Sister lead vocalist Dee Snider revealed his only addiction and how his band members almost fired him for this reason during his recent interview with Border City Rock Talk.

Unlike many other rock stars, who were heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol for years, Snider has used none throughout his life. Therefore, the singer has defined himself as an ‘anti-rock star’ which saved his life, especially during the ’80s since many rockers passed away due to alcohol poisoning or overdose.

However, Snider has always been addicted to caffeine which made him so hyped up that his bandmates had problems. He stated they staged an intervention to warn him about his addiction and threatened to fire him from the band even though they were using heavy drugs back them, which Snider found very ironic.

In addition, as a coffee addict, Snider now entered the coffee market with his own line, For the Love of Coffee, which consists of a smooth blend of beans from Guatemala and Central America roasted to a medium level. The singer’s original coffee blend costs $20 and has received positive reviews from the customers.

In Snider’s words, he said:

“I’m a coffee junkie, and I was once nearly fired from Twisted Sister for drinking too much. They threatened to fire me, and mind you these, they were four guys doing heavy drugs and drinking. I didn’t drink and do any drugs, and they had to sit down with me.

They said, ‘Dude, you gotta cut back on the caffeine; you’re killing us.’ The druggies told me I was killing them because I was too hyped up on coffee. It’s the only drug I’ve used in my life.

You can check out the video below.