Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider remembered when the band was on tour with Metallica during his recent interview with Loudwire and revealed what he did after realizing that people came to the concert for Metallica.

As you probably know, Metallica was a supporting band in The Seven Dates of Hell Tour, which started on February 3, 1984, alongside Venom and Twisted Sister. The band had a great chance to promote their debut and second studio album entitled ‘Kill ‘Em All’ and ‘Ride the Lightning.’

Dee Snider recalled their first tour with Metallica in his interview, saying that he liked their performance but thought that people wouldn’t listen to them. The reason behind this thought was Metallica’s heavy metal style. However, later Snider realized that he was wrong.

During their Ireland tour with Metallica, Snider stated that everyone came to see Metallica even though Twisted Sister was the tour’s headliner. Then, he offered Metallica to close the tour with their performance, but the band initially refused it. Then they agreed to close the show after Snider stressed that people were there to listen to Metallica.

Dee Snider said in his interview that:

“A lot of the developments happened simultaneously. Twisted Sister toured with Metallica in ’84 in Holland. After watching Metallica’s set, I told Mark Mendoza, ‘These guys got a lot of heart, but they’re never going to go anywhere.’ I thought they were just too heavy, and the mainstream would never accept them.”

He went on:

“Yes, then Metallica was born.

We were touring together in Ireland, and we were headlining. It said Twisted Sister in, like, a size 10 font, and the Metallica logo on the posters was gigantic. I said, ‘Holy shit, these people are here to see Metallica,’ and I sent my road manager to tell the band they could close because I didn’t want to close a show that was clearly their show.

My manager came back and said, ‘They said no.’ They thought it seemed suspicious —  what headliner tells the opener to close? I went into the room myself and said, ‘There’s no trick here. We’re not f’cking with you. You’re clearly bigger than we are here. This is your audience. I don’t want to go on after you there’ll be nobody here.'”

Therefore, it seems like Dee Snider was wrong about Metallica’s destiny when he first watched them. However, later he understood that heavy metal was becoming popular as Metallica had brought something new and would soon become very famous and commercially successful.