Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider posted a tweet to pay tribute to the late guitar legend, Eddie Van Halen, by remembering the very first time he listened to Van Halen’s ‘Eruption‘ on the radio.

As you may know, Van Halen’s co-founder and renowned lead guitarist Eddie Van Halen has sadly passed away on October 6, 2020, following his long and vicious battle with throat cancer. His son, Wolfgang gave the devastating news of his 65-year-old father’s death with a heartbreaking statement he posted on social media.

Recently on Twitter, Twisted Sister’s iconic lead vocalist Dee Snider posted a tweet to mourn after the tragic loss of the guitar legend. In his tweet, Dee stated that he’d just found out Eddie Van Halen died and shared his memory of hearing his guitar solo, ‘Eruption,’ on the radio for the first time. Snider mentioned how much they were impressed by Eddie’s guitar playing and added that he definitely left his mark.

Here’s how Dee Snider bid farewell to Eddie Van Halen:

“Just found out Eddie Van Halen has died. I remember driving home from a Twisted Sister club gig with Animal Tactics late one night and hearing “Eruption” on the radio for the first time. Our minds were blown…and guitar playing was never the same. RIP Eddie. You left your mark.”

Furthermore, Twisted Sister guitarist Eddie Ojeda commented on Dee’s tweet and reminded him about the time they saw Van Halen back in 1978. Ojeda stated that they all were blown away after listening to their music live and he bought his first Van Halen album the next day.

Here’s how Eddie Ojeda described his memory of Van Halen:

“Remember when we saw VH open for Black Sabbath at the Nassau Callosum in 1978. We were blown away after that show. I believe it was you myself and Jay. Ozzy posted about that tour. I went out and bought the first VH album the next day.”

You can see the tweets Dee Snider and Eddie Ojeda posted on Twitter below.