Twisted Sister singer and frontman, Dee Snider, was recently interviewed by The MetalSucks Podcast during which he shared his honest thoughts on David Ellefson’s sex scandal.

You might remember that David Ellefson was fired from Megadeth a couple of months ago following the allegations about having virtual sex with an underage girl. In May, the former Megadeth bassist’s leaked sex video shocked the rock music scene and he deleted his social media accounts after revealing his side of the story alongside the other party’s statement.

Although Ellefson admitted that he’s the guy in the videos, he rejected the allegations that the girl was not an adult. However, a week later, Megadeth released a public announcement and revealed that Ellefson is not a member of the band anymore and that they will replace his bass parts in the upcoming album named, ‘The Sick, the Dying and the Dead.’

During a recent interview he had with The MetalSucks, the Twisted Sister frontman offered his take on the David Ellefson sex scandal. Dee noted that Ellefson is not a priest and every single person is doing the same thing he did in the leaked video. Dee also gave the example of Kevin Spacey saying he’s one of the greatest actors of his time and being charged with sexual assault does not affect that.

Here is what Dee said in the interview:

“Creatives are damaged goods by definition. We choose to be actors, performers, writers, artists, painters, comedians – all those things – because we’re damaged. And that’s driven us to find these outlets.

I don’t know why people are so shocked when the evidence of that damage showing itself. When Dave from Megadeth gets caught masturbating, well… First of all, you know a lot of you are doing the same thing. But second of all, he’s a musician. He’s not a priest. You can’t expect him to be priest-like – hell, you can’t expect a priest to be priest-like.

But people are so shocked. And I don’t get why the art is thrown away with the artist. If we found out that Michelangelo was a pedophile, would we stop going to the Sistine Chapel? Would we paint it over? It’s no longer good art because the painter turned out to be a pedophile? I’m saying it hypothetically.

All artists and creatives have got some skeletons in their closets, and suddenly the skeleton is shown and we’re like, ‘Well, he’s not funny anymore.’ ‘He’s not a good actor anymore.’ ‘Kevin Spacey, we can’t watch his movies anymore.’ He’s one of the great actors of his time, but he’s dead because he was…”

Dee continued saying:

“I’m not saying he was right. But he’s a damaged, broken person – he always was. It’s what made him a great artist. I just don’t get that we throw away the baby with the bathwater, as the saying goes.

I’m not saying making excuses or whatever. I’m just talking about the art being dismissed, thrown out, devalued, and disqualified because the artist turned out to be a fallible human being. And people should be very careful. Most of us live in glass houses.

When I went to the Senate back in the ’80s, they talked to me like I was the scum of the earth. Well, cut to all these years later, I’m still married and the Gores [Al and Tipper] are divorced.

One of their kids was busted for possession. None of my kids have been busted. Maybe they just got lucky. But the fact of the matter is – judge not, lest ye be judged.”

You can listen to Dee Snider’s latest album below.