Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider spoke in a recent interview with Appetite for Distortion and talked about Gene Simmons’ comments that were saying there is no Bob Dylans or Jimi Hendrixes.

In the conversation, Dee touched upon the importance of doing something about ‘rock is dead’ claims and revealed that his children helped him to learn about the new music genres such as Eminem.

Furthermore, Dee also mentioned that they used to have passion and talent at the same time back in the days and that’s how the musicians such as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix came up.

Unfortunately, Dee said that there is only passion left in the current world. As Dee said, young kids don’t have hope for getting rich from music. Instead, they are hoping to sell some CDs and t-shirts to make a gig once again, which shows how passionate they are about metal music.

Dee Snider said:

“You only have to turn left or right and you just trip over a damn band that’s trying to make it with very little effort. And I’m blessed in that my children are all metalheads, and they have kept me connected to what’s going on.

And not just metal. I became an Eminem fan when my son was 10 and wanted the album with ‘Stan’ on it.

And being true to my words in Washington, I listened to it. And then sat and discussed it with my son, and we had a very important conversation about suicide thanks to ‘Stan,’ using it as a tool.”

He added:

“But it exposed me to that as well. They have kept me aware of not only that there’s new music but there’s great music.

When Gene Simmons says, ‘Let me tell you something, there’s no Bob Dylans or Jimi Hendrixes…’ No, you’re just not looking the talent and passion because it’s pure passion now.

These young kids don’t have a hope of getting rich doing it. Their best hope is that maybe we make enough money selling CDs and t-shirts after the show to get to the next fucking gig.

It’s so real, it’s so heartfelt, it’s so for the love of rock ‘n’ roll. It makes me crazy when people say ‘rock is dead.’”

You can check out the interview below.