Twisted Sister lead vocalist Dee Snider shared a couple of tweets to reflect his thoughts and ideas about stage diving after a fan made fun of him. He stated that he was sure that Iggy Pop invented it until he saw one of his performances.

Stage diving can be considered a very dangerous way of connecting with the audience. Still, it became very popular, especially among punk rock and metal musicians and bands, during the ’70s and ’80s. Even though it was almost impossible to know for sure who started it, several musicians’ fans have argued over it.

It’s claimed that the late Doors frontman Jim Morrison was one of the predecessors of stage diving, but many people agreed that Iggy Pop contributed a lot to its popularity. Snider thought it was Iggy Pop too, but after watching some of his performances, Dee realized that the singer was just jumping, not diving into the crowd.

After a fan reminded the musician that several stage divers dedicated their moves to the Twisted Sister frontman, Dee Snider highlighted that he invented stage diving to find the person who threw a bottle at him. However, his attempt resulted in an injury as the audience failed to catch him.

Snider added that Jim Morrison’s move wasn’t stage diving and defined it as a ‘fall.’ As a result, it can be said that the frontman is sure about his invention, although some people have tried to question it by sharing their comments on social media.

Here’s what a fan wrote:

“Dee Snider thinks he invented stage diving.

Snider responded:

“Where were you in ’78 when I was diving off stages into crowds? Elementary school? Diapers? Your father’s ball sack?”

Another fan added:

“I was checking out The Ramones, Runaways, Clash, and DEVo, etc., and I often heard stage divers dedicate their moves to Dee Snider.

Snider’s tweet read:

“I always thought it was Iggy, but when I watched the Stooges performance at Midsummer Rock in recent years, I saw he just jumped down off the stage into the crowd. He didn’t dive! PS: I’m not saying it was a smart move. The crowd parted, I hit the ground & had to cancel 2 shows.”

The other follower added:

“He and the band didn’t back down from hecklers or an ignorant fool that messed with them. Listen to Dee on stage years ago at Castle Donnington I believe it was. ‘Shootem Down’ came on afterward.”

The singer replied:

“Funny thing, my first ‘stage dive’ was to get at someone in the crowd who had thrown a bottle at me!”

Here’s what a fan asked:

“Didn’t Jim Morrison stage dive several times?”

In Snider’s words, he wrote:

“If falling off counts…

You can check out the tweets below.

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