Twisted Sister’s iconic frontman Dee Snider recently posted a tweet in which he shared his insights on women’s abortion rights. In the tweet, he also revealed that he is ‘pro-choice.’

The pro-choice movement, or the U.S. abortion rights movement, supports women’s legal right to terminate a pregnancy. On the other hand, the anti-abortion movement or pro-life movement claims that embryos and fetuses have the right to live.

In 2020, during the elections, Snider permitted any pro-choice candidates to use Twisted Sister’s ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ in their campaigns. As you might know, the song revolves around the theme that one has the right to choose.

Therefore, the musician had already shown his stance against the debate between pro-choice and pro-life movements with this move. Moreover, in many of his statements, Snider has defended women’s right to have an abortion.

In his recent tweet, Stryper’s guitarist Michael Sweet posted a video of three women proudly taking abortion pills. He stated that this is an evil act, and he feels he is the only one thinking that it is not acceptable.

Upon seeing this tweet, Dee Snider tweeted a response to the musician. He said that this is not evil and stressed he is pro-choice. Following that, Snider stated he supports women’s rights, and the thing that bothers him is the anti-choicers’ determination to decide what is best for women.

Michael Sweet’s tweet read:

“When women are shamelessly & proudly taking ‘abortion pills’ on video with smiles on their faces, isn’t that a whole new level of evil? Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who feels this way. How & why is this acceptable in our world? Are we really this far gone? God help us.”

Dee Snider responded to this tweet as:

“Actually Michael, it’s not. From my Christian teachings, I got ‘first breath, last breath.’ I’m pro-choice & I stand for women’s rights. What bothers me about this convo is while pro-choicers say, ‘It’s up to you,’ anti-choicers say, ‘We’ll decide for you.'”

You can check out the tweets below.