Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider posted a tweet to announce the new music video for one of his songs from the new album. In his statement, Snider revealed that he dedicated the video of ‘Stand’ to the victims of a tragedy.

Following ‘For the Love of Metal, ‘ Dee Snider gave almost three years of a break until he released his fifth studio album entitled ‘Leave a Scar’ on July 30, 2021. Some tracks from the record, ‘I Gotta Rock (Again),’ ‘Down But Never Out,’ and ‘Time To Choose,’ were appreciated by his fans a lot.

Then, months after its release, Snider wanted to use another song from ‘Leave a Scar,’ ‘Stand,’ for a particular purpose. The song’s new music video consisted of footage from the new documentary movie ‘The Guest List: America’s Deadliest Concert,’ which focused on The Station nightclub fire that caused the death of one hundred people following a pyrotechnic accident that caused the fire.

Survivors had to deal with a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression after the tragedy. Hence, as an empathetic person who took place in several benefit shows for the victims and the documentary, Snider drew attention to the deadliest concert with his new music video for ‘Stand.’

He highlighted that even though he didn’t write the song for the victims, he thought that it was a ‘perfect fit’ considering its messages. Snider stated that ‘Stand’ presents when people feel desperate and advises them to do something about it, saying ‘Don’t leave your mark… leave a scar!’

Snider’s tweet read:

“Have you seen my latest video and heard my new single yet? Please share.

Here’s what Snider wrote about the song:

“While I didn’t write ‘Stand’ for the Station nightclub fire documentary ‘America’s Deadliest Rock Concert: The Guest List,’ it is a perfect fit. The full tragedy of that horrific night was the despicable lack of support shown for a community in desperate need. ‘Stand’ speaks to the importance for us all to recognize these moments of desperation and do something about them. ‘Don’t leave your mark… leave a scar!'”

You can check out the tweet and the video below.