A Twitter user recently replied to one of David Draiman’s tweets and accused Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider of being politically divisive. The singer didn’t stay silent and responded to the user by stating that he has never carried his politics to the stage.

As one can probably notice in the music of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider always explored the anarchist point of view, standing against oppression and injustice. The singer has been involved in politics several times before, also contributing to the debates as an artist. In fact, Twisted Sister’s songs have been used in political rallies and public outbursts.

The frontman hasn’t shied away from expressing his political thoughts on his Twitter account, especially his views about the pandemic and its restrictions. Hence, he was recently accused of dividing people instead of uniting them with music. Disturbed’s frontman, David Draiman, stated that concerts should be events where people come together and forget about politics.

However, a user replied to that tweet and stated that Sebastian Bach and Dee Snider do not do that. Instead, he claimed that they cause ‘division.‘ Snider replied to the user and stated that this person must have never seen his shows because he has never carried anything political to the stage. He defended himself by saying he can express his personal opinions on Twitter, but he will not do that on stage.

Here is what Draiman initially tweeted:

“Music brings people together. Some colleagues of mine seem to forget that. It should be used to cross boundaries, not create them. Concerts are a time for people to forget about the politics that our ‘leaders’ insist divide them.”

Here is what the user replied:

“So true. Sebastian Bach is about as divisive as it gets.. same with Dee Snider.

Dee Snider defended himself by saying:

“Oh yeah, that one time you were at my show and… You were never at one of my shows! If you were, you’d know I never talk politics on stage or in concert. Here on Twitter, I express my personal points of view. Never in concert. You d*ck (Just my personal point of view on you).”

You can see the tweets below.