Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider express his feelings about Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister on Twitter. He has revealed the story of how Twisted Sister was blessed by Lemmy at the beginning of their career.

A fan mentioned Dee Snider on Twitter and said:

“I see way you’re coming from and have been a SMF since I was 8, but Lemmy did help you guys out. I’m not saying it wasn’t down to your talent, but you have thanked Lemmy in the past? No disrespect intended.”

Dee responded:

“We weren’t referring to being “helped”. We are referring to the endless requests from people to “tell” them how to make it in the music business. There are no “Cliff Notes” (remember those?). You need to be out there doing it to even give a “Lemmy” the chance to help you.”

A fan added:

“I agree, back then there was NO social media & No Patreon. You had to just get out there & IMPRESS. You either HAD it or you didn’t. So if a bar owner or a club owner wasn’t impressed, how do you get to the Lemmy push??”

And Dee responded again and explained how he and Twisted Sister blessed by Lemmy. Here’s the statement:

“I have a whole chapter dedicated to Lemmy in my book “Shut Up and Give Me the Mic”. When we started to perform in the UK, Lemmy took a liking to us & started showing up at our gigs to introduce the band & sometimes jam with us. Having his blessing was MASSIVE at that time!”

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