Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider shared a post on his official Twitter page answering a fan’s question about his ability to multitask especially while he’s working on his brand new album, and apparently, Snider has imaginary ‘mission hats.’

As many of you might know, Dee Snider has been working on his next solo album since August 2020 which will be the follow-up to his last solo album named ‘For The Love Of Metal,’ which was released in July 2018. Snider announced the exciting news via a post on his official Twitter page revealing the news first hand for his fans.

Here is what Snider previously stated about his upcoming album:

“Here’s some actual breaking news for you…it looks like I’m heading back into the studio to record my next solo album. We are already writing material. Same band and Jamey Jasta producing. You (and the others reading this tweet) are the first to know.”

In addition to working on his upcoming album, Dee Snider has also been quite active on his social media accounts, answering his fans’ questions during Q&A sessions, especially on Twitter. Due to the fact that Snider’s multitasking shines during his extremely busy schedule, a fan shared a post on Twitter stating that not only Snider keep up with social media, but also he does not miss a thing in addition to recording a whole new album.

Here is what one of Snider’s fans asked:

“omg, you keep liking some of my tweets. how do you keep up to it all? You never seem to miss things. And once your album is out I’ll be writing a review. If I remember how after nearly a year with no concerts.”

After the kind words of his fan, Dee Snider shared a post on his official Twitter page stating that he trained himself to have imaginary task hats which he puts on as he goes from one thing to another.

Here is how Dee Snider responded:

“I’ve trained myself to mentally change hats as I go from thing to thing. Like right now I’m working on songs for my next album, but in between, I’ll ‘put on my social media hat’ check on Twitter, then switch hats and go back to writing. I taught myself to do this.”

You can see the Twitter post below.