Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider drew attention to Queen’s metal-influenced albums and claimed that Brian May used Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi’s riffs in the albums to respond to a fan’s comment on his official Twitter account.

As you probably know, Queen’s self-titled debut studio album was released on July 13, 1973. The album was defined as a combination of heavy metal and progressive rock and received very positive reviews. It was the beginning of Queen’s metal era, which wouldn’t last very long.

A short time later, the band released its second studio album entitled ‘Queen II’ on March 8, 1974. The music critics named it ‘the heaviest Queen album’ and described it as ‘assaultive hard rock.’ Also, Queen’s metal albums’ songs such as ‘My Fairy King,’ ‘Liar,’ and ‘Ogre Battle’ drew the great attention of both rock and metal lovers.

In his recent tweet, Dee Snider shared his ideas about Queen’s metal era after a fan responded to his interview and stated that the band’s metal songs are very underrated. He agreed with the fan and also said that Brian May ripped off Black Sabbath icon Tony Iommi’s riffs as his hero and muse and went on to admit that he did it too.

Here’s what a fan wrote:

“‘My Fairy King’ and ‘Liar’ are my two favorites from their first album. ‘Queen II’ ‘Nevermore,’ ‘Ogre Battle’ and ‘Seven Seas of Rhye.’

I don’t think people give those songs enough credit.”

Snider responded:

“Oh my god! You’re preaching to the choir! When Queen was metal! You can clearly hear the influence Tony Iommi had on Brian May!

Love you, Brian, but you literally ripped riffs off your hero! No shame. I did too! You’ve always been open about your love for Black Sabbath!”

You can check out the tweets below.