In a recent episode of the podcast Speak N’ Destroy, Dee Snider has revealed the connection James Hetfield and Vince Neil has together.

Known for his projects with the bands Twisted Sister, Desperado, and Widowmaker, Dee Snider is mostly known for being the lead singer-songwriter of the heavy metal band Twisted Sister. It is known that Dee Snider once made a statement about Metallica, saying he had doubts about the band’s success. Speaking to WRIF Meltdown show, he recalled the time when he toured with Metallica and revealed his honest opinions on the band, saying that he told his bass player while he was watching Metallica perform that he thinks these guys have a lot of heart but they are never going to go anywhere. Claiming he is brutally honest, Snider added that he didn’t want to be against them, only wanting to say they were so heavy.

During his appearance on Speak N’ Destroy, Dee Snider has talked about Twisted Sister’s relations in the metal music scene and talked about the band Metallica. He remembered his previous statements about Metallica’s future success, saying he could not imagine a band so heavy like them could achieve success and be accepted back then. After being told that James Hetfield and Dave Mustaine invented a style of guitar playing, Snider claimed it was Mustaine as James couldn’t even play the guitar in the beginning. Implying Mustaine was a better guitarist than Hetfield, he said James was learning to play guitar during those times. Dee Snider then revealed that one of James’ major influences was Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil, saying that James’ vocal style on their first EP was way more like Neil’s.

Remembering his previous statements, Snider said that:

“Watching them in Holland, turning to my bass player, I went, ‘You know, these guys got a lot of heart, but they’re never going to go anywhere.’ I couldn’t imagine that something so heavy could cross over and become accepted, and they did it on their own terms. I told them, I have nothing but respect for Metallica, they didn’t give an inch along the way, very impressive.”

Talking about Mustaine’s and James’ style of guitar playing which the show’s host claimed the pair have invented, Dee Snider said:

“Probably more Mustaine. I mean, James couldn’t even play guitar in the beginning. He fronted the band. And, I mean, really, credit where credit’s due, I’m not taking anything away from James, and the ground he’s broken and the band has broken – but I would say it was more from Mustaine even – because James was learning guitar.

Snider then continued:

“… And until I went back and listened to the EP that one of James’s major influences was Vince Neil from Mötley Crüe – did you know that? Well, now you’ve heard that. Listen, they’re from LA, listen to his vocal style on that first EP, it was way more – little more Neils-ily, little less, ‘Yeah!’ A little less down there, little more up there, and hey, everybody’s got their influences.

Following his ‘For The Love Of Metal’ released back in 2018, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider has announced that he will release his fifth solo album ‘Leave A Scar’ on July 30, the album which he described as an embodiment of the negative feelings he experienced during the lockdown caused by the pandemic. Before the well-anticipated record’s release, he released ‘I Gotta Rock (Again)’ and ‘Time To Choose,’ which are the first two singles from the album.