Dee Snider, mostly known for being the lead singer and songwriter of Twisted Sister, shared a post on his official Twitter page and opened up about his opinions on relationships and divorce.

As you may remember, Dee Snider and his wife costume designer Suzette have been married for 39 years and the couple have four grandchildren in addition to four lovely children.

Dee Snider recently shared a post on his official Instagram page to celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary and shared a romantic message for his wife. Snider referred to his wife as the love of his life every time and fans loved seeing the love and affection between them for nearly 4 decades.

Since their marriage is admirable, a fan shared a post on Twitter, celebrating the two and stating that marriage needs devotion, especially after long years.

Here is what the fan said:

“Congratulations DEE to Suzette especially 39 years. AWESOME! Our 30th this coming June 7th man I had some run-ins with our marriage like everybody else but whatever it takes for holy matrimony, I say remember your vows.”

Dee Snider replied to his fan and shared a post on his official Twitter page stating that every relationship has problems and when the people want to work it out, divorce cannot be a choice. Snider also boldly said that divorce is for cowards especially when the couple has kids.

Here is what Snider said:

ALL relationships have problems along the way. Highs and lows. Don’t accept divorce as an option and work it out. Divorce is for cowards. Sorry but that’s how I feel, especially when there are children in the mix.”

You can see the Twitter post below.