Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider recently answered some fan questions on Twitter and noted that the famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was the main inspiration behind the band’s hit song, ‘Stay Hungry.’

Stay Hungry‘ was featured in Twisted Sister’s third studio album of the same name, which was released on May 10, 1984. While the album’s two biggest hits were ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ and ‘I Wanna Rock,’ ‘Stay Hungry’ was also well-appreciated with its powerful lyrical content and catchy rock tune. The track opens the album in a fast mood and prepares listeners for the rest of the record.

It may not be among the band’s most famous songs, but it still holds a special place for some diehard fans. Thus, they are expected to wonder about the classic track’s source of inspiration. Recently, a Twitter user defined ‘Stay Hungry’ as one of the best Twisted Sister songs and praised its energetic sound and encouraging lyrics. He then asked Dee Snider to give a little detail about the song’s background.

As an artist who likes interacting with the fans on his social media accounts, Dee Snider didn’t hesitate to reveal the main inspiration behind the track. The rocker explained that the book ‘Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder,’ written by Arnold Schwarzenegger, changed his perspective on life. The book’s central message, ‘Stay Hungry,’ set the basis for the making process of the entire album. Later, Snider also dedicated the record to the actor to do him justice for inspiring that song and the rest of the album.

A Twitter user asked:

“Dee Snider, ‘Stay Hungry’ is one of your best songs, great energetic music, the lyrics are particularly powerful to me. Could you please give a background to the inspiration behind that song? Thank you.”

Dee Snider replied:

Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote a book in the ’70s called ‘The Education of a Bodybuilder’ that changed my life. His cornerstone phrase was ‘Stay Hungry.’ Everything after that was inspired by Arnold. The album was dedicated to him and I recently presented him with an 8X platinum award for sales.”

You can check out the tweets and listen to the song below.