Dee Snider spoke about Twisted Sister, which disbanded in 2016, and addressed a possible revival. The singer recalled how other bands disbanded, but then they got back better than ever. He gave the example of David Coverdale founding Whitesnake and making them his pretty boy band.

The singer first gave an example with ‘Scorpions,’ who didn’t disband and reunite but were revived in a different sense. When they released their 1982 ‘Blackout’ record, they were reborn. ‘Blackout’ achieved commercial success and became their best-selling album.

Dee continued and gave the example of David Coverdale, who also got resurrected after quitting his post as Deep Purple’s lead vocalist. Along with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, Deep Purple is known to be one of the ‘unholy trinity of British hard rock and heavy metal.’ Coverdale left the successful band in 1976 and continued his music career by forming another successful band, Whitesnake.

The singer founded Whitesnake two years later and resumed his successful career. According to Dee Snider, what Coverdale did was terrific because Whitesnake initiated a whole different genre than Deep Purple with its blues-metal, hard-rock sounds. He stated that Coverdale left DP in 1976 and returned two years later with a big-haired pretty boy band.

Here is what Snider said about Scorpions:

“Yeah, I feel like they always keep getting attached to that one. Scorpions – I was a Scorpions fan back in the ’70s, they had a whole thing, including an amazing live album, and then they came out back with a second life with the ‘Blackout’ record, and all of a sudden, there was like a rebirth for them.”

Snider on Coverdale forming Whitesnake:

“So yeah, it’s strange that the bands that are really good sometimes recreate themselves, reinvent themselves. Look at Whitesnake! They were almost this blues-based metal-hard-rock band with former members of Deep Purple and a whole different lineup.

Then Coverdale comes back years later with his pretty boy big-haired band, and ‘Here I Go Again.’ Actually, playing that song that he recorded years before with the original band.”

You can watch the whole interview below.