Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider recently shared an IG post to reveal that he didn’t realize Metallica was the special guest of one of their shows years ago. Also, he shared his thoughts about the band after a fan asked him on Twitter.

The Seven Dates of Hell Tour began on February 3, 1984, in Zurich and ended on August 29, 1984, in Paris. Metallica performed opening acts for Venom and Twisted Sister to promote their debut studio album entitled ‘Kill ‘Em All.’ Their performance was appreciated a lot by metalheads.

Even though Snider thought Twisted Sister’s first collaboration with Metallica was The Seven Dates of Hell Tour, Metallica was actually their guest during their show at Fountain Casino. He found out about this later on through the Metallica members during their tour, and he decided to share this crazy story with his fans.

Snider posted the poster to highlight that it was one of Metallica’s first East Coast shows before they got very famous and popular. He added that he didn’t have time to meet them at that time because of the preparations for the show.

Then, a fan wanted to know what he thinks about Metallica, and he responded to him, saying that he has great respect for the band members. Also, after another fan got very shocked about their first show together, Snider reminded them that the legendary metal band opened for Twisted Sister during an entire tour.

Snider’s IG post read:

“Now I’m not being a dick here, But for the life of me, I didn’t remember them opening for us until Metallica told me about it when we toured together in 1984. This was one of Metallica’s first East Coast shows, so nobody really knew them and I was busy in the dressing room putting my make-up on! Crazy!”

A fan shared a tweet saying:

“What do you think about Metallica?”

Snider responded:

“Nothing but respect. They did it on their own terms!”

Another one added:

“The time Metallica opened for Twisted Sister! Say what!”

To which Dee Snider replied:

“Actually they did on our entire tour together of Holland too!”

You can see the photo and tweets below.

Photo Credit: Dee Snider – Instagram