Twisted Sister lead vocalist Dee Snider revealed that he is working on directing his first movie in the recent tweets he posted on his official account.

Besides being a successful singer and songwriter, Dee Snider is also known as the producer of the 1998 movie entitled ‘Strangeland.’ In addition to writing ‘Strangeland,’ he appeared as Captain Howdy in the film. Snider’s song named ‘Inconclusion’ and Twisted Sister’s ‘Heroes Are Hard to Find’ were used soundtracks besides many impactful names’ tracks.

In 2020, Snider talked about working on a new horror movie called ‘My Enemy’s Enemy,’ based on a real crime story. He indicated in a previous interview that it would be very disturbing, but people would enjoy it.

In the recent tweets he posted, Snider indicated that besides following the current events in the world, he is also directing his first movie. The rocker stated that he has been in a creative phase in his life. As he added, he is also writing a fictional novel and co-creating an animation series for kids.

Dee Snider wrote in the tweet:

“Is it me, or has my Twitter feed gotten very un-rock n roll? I blame myself. This said, what’s going on in our world can’t be ignored. On the creative side, I’m directing my 1st movie, I’ve written a fictional novel, co-created a children’s animated series, and some other stuff.”

When asked Snider whether the upcoming movie is a sequel to ‘Strangeland,’ Snider replied:

“Nope. An entirely new scary screenplay I wrote.”

You can see the tweets below.