Dee Snider attended a live stream on Bravewords YouTube channel and revealed that he was proposed to do a memorial tour for Lemmy Kilmister by the remaining Motörhead members, however, it was never actualized.

Lemmy Kilmister, the lead singer of Motörhead passed away in 2015 from advanced cancer and saddened all metal fans around the world. Kilmister’s contribution to the metal genre is still admired to this day. He was one of the people who created and developed the new wave of ‘British heavy metal,’ and his singing voice is known as the most distinguishable and unique voice in rock music.

Snider and Kilmister had a special relationship before he passed away. In fact, Kilmister had a big role in recognizing Twisted Sister’s potential and helping them go on stage at one of Motörhead’s concerts and made them visible to the British audience without even releasing an album first.

It is not a surprise that at a tribute concert, Motörhead would choose Snider to be their lead singer. In the interview, he stated that they asked him to join them on a tribute tour. However, after the death of Motörhead’s guitarist Fast Eddie in 2018, the memorial was not fulfilled.

Here is what Snider said about the tribute tour:

“That’s the classic lineup, and there is not one of them left. There was talk about, I know this would probably be in your article and probably get blown up, it shouldn’t really but, there was some talk after Lemmy died of Fast Eddie and their other band members doing a tribute, a memorial tour, and they were talking to me and actually growl about singing.

They were gonna use Mickey, and they were gonna use Phil and Fast Eddie. But then Fast Eddie died, and then it didn’t seem like you could do it. With Fast Eddie there somehow it was grounded in the classic lineup. There was a connection, and when he passed, it was like, ‘well that idea is out the window.’

You can watch Dee Snider’s full live stream interview below.