Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, who supports the aid campaigns and informs the people about Ukraine, stated that he felt relieved when he heard that U2 and Bono were supporting Ukraine.

Previously, Snider shared a video on his official Instagram to mention the Russian Government’s blocking the websites giving current information. That is why Snider called the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, ‘dictator leader.’ Snider also permitted the people to use Twisted Sister’s song ‘We Are Not Gonna Take It’ to respond to the Russian Government.

In the past few days, Dee Snider talked about the situation as one of the rock stars who support Ukraine in the current situation. He’s not the only musician who stood for Ukraine since  David Draiman explained the same issues by reading a verified document in World United Live’s video. Draiman also called out to the people to support the organizations like World United Live.

After Draiman’s support, Snider backed up World Unite Live. In a recent tweet of World United Live’s official account, the organization thanked Snider for raising awareness for this global issue. The more musicians draw attention to the matter, the more recognition they get from charities and even from politicians.

When U2 and Bono supported the campaign ‘Stand Up for Ukraine,’ Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy mentioned that he was thankful for their actions. Dee Snider also stated in a recent tweet that he felt relieved when he heard that Bono and U2 started supporting Ukraine by becoming a part of this organization.

Snider’s tweet follows:

“I’m trying not to. Other than to shine a light on Russia and Ukraine. Honestly, when I heard U2 and Bono were joining the fight yesterday, I was a bit relieved. Please, take the ball and run with it!”

You can see Dee Snider’s tweet below.