The frontman of Twisted Sister, Dee Snider has spoken about his brand new live album ‘For the Love of Metal‘ and explained how he is motivated.

Snider has revealed the story behind his new song ‘Prove Me Wrong‘ which came out earlier this year and was included in the live album. During an interview he gave to UG’s David Slavković, Dee said that there is a message in the song that implies his motivation and proves that he has found his sound.

Dee Snider added that he expresses through his music and his other works, which he put his heart into, his frustration over the people who said he can’t achieve what he aims. Also, Snider stated that it shouldn’t be thought that he is motivated by anger. Instead, he said that he is motivated by inspiration.

Here is what Dee Snider said about his song ‘Prove Me Wrong’:

“Well, there’s two messages here – I’ll get to the lyrical message in a minute. But one message is that when the record company said, ‘Do you have any outtakes from ‘For the Love of Metal‘ that we can put as a bonus track?’

And I said, ‘No, we have no extra tracks, but we can write a new song.’ And they were, like, ‘Right.’ So, Charlie Bellmore, my guitar player, and I wrote ‘Prove Me Wrong.’

And it’s a message to the audience that says, ‘This is Dee Snider today. This is Dee Snider moving forward. This is what you can expect to continue. This is my sound; I have found my place, I have found my sound. This song represents that.'”

He continued:

“Lyrically, I’ve always tried to inspire people and lift people up. I’ve never been the Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll singer guy. And with my messages, I also express my own frustrations and my whole life I’ve been met with people saying: ‘You can’t do that.’

And it never stops. I don’t know why – first of all, I don’t know why they keep telling me I can’t, cause I keep proving I can, but that’s what we deal with in the world. Everybody.

Every time we say we’re gonna do something more, or something special, people are faster to say ‘No you can’t’ than ‘Yes, you can!

And after a lifetime of people saying to me: ‘Well, prove to me that you can do it,’ I’m singing to them: ‘Prove to me that I can’t do it! I’m showing you everything I can do – prove me wrong!'”

Snider also talked about his first fictional novel:

“And just to add David, I’m writing my first fictional novel – I’ve been writing for years: screenplays, TV shows, articles, I wrote my memoirs, and I thought: ‘I’m ready to write my fiction book.’

A few chapters in, I sent it to an agent and I asked him what he thought. And he wrote back to me, ‘Dee, stick to singing. Let the writers do the writing.’ And I was like, ‘Are you fucking kidding me?’ You know it wasn’t that bad.

Secondly, what kind of fucking advice was that!? I asked you to say to me ‘You need to work on this or that, etc.’ Stick to singing? And that’s all I needed to hear.

I finished that book, it’s at the publisher’s now; I know it will come out, I know it will be well received, I worked my ass off just so I can send a copy to this guy with the words ‘Fuck you, thanks for the inspiration.'”

When asked about if he is motivated by anger, Snider fixed the misunderstanding and said:

“No, I am motivated by inspiration. But, you know, if I need any more inspiration, I’ll say to somebody ‘Hey, I’m gonna be on Broadway,’ and they’ll say ‘You can’t do that.’

So I’d go ‘Thank you, I’m gonna do that now.’ So, whenever they say I can’t, it just gives me more inspiration to finish it. But always the idea’s from artistic inspiration.”

You can check out the rest of the interview here.