Twisted Sister’s legendary frontman Dee Snider responded to a fan’s comment about the humbleness of grunge singers and asserted that Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder had also arrogant behaviors just like Stone Temple Pilots’ Scott Weiland and Creed’s Scott Stapp.

As you might recall, Dee Snider had a dialogue between his fans and followers on Twitter the other day about the issue of whether rock musicians should have a sort of arrogance or not. Initially, a follower stated that the artists should stop complaining and try to be more humble so that they could receive the appreciation of the audience.

A Twisted Sister fan named Kristen agreed to the idea of musicians being modest and gave the example of Alice In Chains late singer Layne Staley. However, Dee Snider shared his point of view on the case of Staley’s humbleness. He claimed that the reason why Alice In Chains didn’t tour much with Layne was actually derived from his uncomfortable and shy behaviors in front of the crowds.

In the following statement, Dee claimed that having a sort of ‘controlled arrogance‘ was the key to becoming a iconic rock musician and added:

Humble schmumble! No lead singer/frontman has ever owned a stage being humble! Ya gotta own that shit! Controlled arrogance is the key. Just cocky enough to get their attention but not so cocky that you turn them off. What are we talking about anyway?

As a response to his statements concerning the necessary personal traits of rock musicians, Snider received another comment from a Twitter follower asserting that the grunge singers didn’t have much arrogance and had problems with ‘owning the stage.’

Here’s what the Twitter user nicknamed Day Trending stated on his comment:

I think you make a good point. Not so much arrogance coming from the grunge singers in general. I think that was the appeal at the time. But, by no means, did they have a problem with owning the stage. #checkmate

Twisted Sister icon responded to the comment by revealing his opinions on grunge singers‘ personal traits, particularly referring to Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. In his statement, Dee claimed that the general opinion on grunge singers being humble did not suit the case of Eddie Vedder who had his ‘own kind of arrogance.’

Furthermore, Snider asserted that other grunge musicians like Stone Temple Pilots’ Scott Weiland and Creed’s Scott Stapp were not the greatest examples of being humble.

Here’s what Dee Snider stated in his latest comment on the issue:

“Oh, Eddie Vedder had his own kind of arrogance. Facing away from the audience…? Scott Stapp? The late Scott Weiland? #justsayin”

You can see the tweet Dee Snider posted on his official Twitter account below.