On Twitter, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider replied to a comment on Ted Nugent‘s political views and their friendship revealing he hadn’t spoken to him since Ted ‘went off the deep end.’

As you might know, the rock music veteran and devoted supporter of Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, has been actively using his social media accounts to share statements on certain political issues in America. Ted and Dee Snider had a dispute on their political views previously when Barack Obama was President.

Recently on Twitter, Dee Snider replied to a comment criticizing Lamb of God‘s guitarist Mark Morton for openly talking about his political views. Dee stated that musicians also had the right to express their thoughts on politics. Following Dee’s response, another Twitter follower mentioned it seemed like ‘only extreme right-wingers such as Kid Stock, Ted Nugent, Janes Woods’ could publicly express their political opinions and criticized the current acts of Ted Nugent.

As a response to the comment about Ted Nugent’s personality and their friendship, Dee Snider revealed that even though they were friends before, he hadn’t spoken to Ted for a while now. Additionally, Dee mentioned the reason was actually Ted being out of control on expressing his political views.

Here’s what the Twitter user stated concerning Dee Snider and Ted Nugent’s friendship:

And I’m sure you’re friendly with Uncle Ted but I think the chickenhawk has been off his meds for the past decade & his senility has exposed his racist tendencies. I loved his music but damn as a human he sucks.”

Dee Snider replied to the comment by stating:

We are/were friends, but I haven’t spoken to him since he went totally off the deep end.

You can see the tweet Dee Snider posted on his official Twitter account below.