Twisted Sister lead singer Dee Snider was recently interviewed by Consequence Heavy and claimed that Whitesnake members were chosen by the record company based on their good looks and gave one of the band’s music videos as an example.

As you might know, initially, Whitesnake was formed as a backing band for Deep Purple’s David Coverdale. However, the band soon reached such fame and commercial success that it came to be known as an independent band, especially after their self-titled studio album.

‘Whitesnake’ became one of the band’s most successful and best-selling albums of all time and featured hit tracks such as ‘Is This Love’ and ‘Still of the Night.’ During his recent interview, Dee Snider drew attention to the bands such as Whitesnake, which were corporate and predictable at that time.

Snider gave Whitesnake’s ‘Still of the Night’ music video as proof and highlighted that the musicians in that video were recruited primarily due to their pretty faces. However, he added that some of the Whitesnake members such as Rudy Sarzo and Adrian Vandenberg weren’t not only good-looking but also were very talented musicians.

Snider stated in his interview that:

“It had it coming, it had gotten so watered down and so corporate and so predictable. Bands were being assembled for their look. Whitesnake — the band in the video for ‘Still of the Night’ was physically assembled for being pretty. They were talented as well, Rudy Sarzo and Adrian Vandenberg, but it certainly looked throughout the thing.”

You can watch the interview and music video below.